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1st Aid:  American Red Cross 1st Aid cabinet meets ANSI standards for offices and work sites.  It ensures compliance with OSHA 1st aid regulations.  (50 person kit)

Work Lights:  Husky 1200 watt, duel lamp, 4 levels of light with tripod.  Extends to 77 inches and the lights have a "quick release" button to take the lamps hand held & leave the tripod behind.

Trash Cans: This BRUTE trash can features innovative venting channels which make lifting out liners up to 50% easier.  This increases productivity and reduces risk of injury. 

Steamer:  Jiffy Steamer is the leader of it's industry.  Our J-2 model will begin steaming in less than 2 min. and continue to steam for up to 2 hrs per filling.

Putt Putt: The Honda EU2000i (2000 watt - 120 volt) is perfect for crafty or a remote monitor situation.  It is very quiet (59 decibels) and less than 46 lbs.  It has an inverter so it provides stable power for a computer and runs for 8 hrs on one gallon of gas.

Traffic Cones: Our 28 inch tall 3M reflective traffic cones and delineators all meet MUTCD nighttime standards. 

Coolers:  All of our coolers are RubberMaid with a handle & wheels.  We offer different sizes and beach wheels for the Desert or Beach shoots you might have.

Wifi:  The Verizon Jetpack MiFi 4620 connects up to 10 devices at 4G LTE speeds... "Solar On Set" Connects up to 25 devices and has USB & Plug in charging capabilities for computers & phones.  Battery life up to 40hrs and can recharge via solar panel traditional plug in.  Boosting signal in tough areas is avail.

Director Chairs:  Lightweight yet sturdy, its solid hardwood features hinged seat clamps, locking brace supports and a comfortable footrest.  We provide a complimentary removable cup holder and side pouch for your director.  All come in black and can be custom branded to your Production Company and or Client.

Walkies:  The Motorola CP-200 (16 channels) is an industry standard and arguably the best walkie on the market.  Our spare battery inventory is closely monitored and we replace the old with new one's every year.

Our goal is to provide you with the very best products & services available to rent in the most production friendly manner possible.  Our entire inventory is brand new and is kept clean & functioning.  Below is a brief description of some of the items you will be renting.  In addition to these items, we offer CUSTOM SET SUPPLIES branded with your Production Company and or Client logo... Click the link above to learn more.

Sand Bags: Our custom sand bags with tent post leg straps are the fastest and most effective way to secure a tent in windy conditions.

Tents:Our tents are the original "E-Z Up" professional grade "Eclipse II" featuring a modern pull pin and toggle system for easy set up and strike.  The canopy and sides are a thick durable polyester that will not leak.  A full length velcro strip along the top of the canopy eliminates all light leaking thru when the sides are attached.  The legs are a rust resistant, high strength, light weight aluminum.  All tents and sides come in black and can be custom branded to your Production Company and or Client.

Custom Set Supplies

3401 South La Cienega Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA 90016

Production Supplies - Walkie Talkies - Wifi & More

Extinguisher: "Kidde" UL listed 3-A: 40-B: C fire extinguisher has a discharge time of 13-15 sec, a range of 12-18 ft. w/ operation pressure rated at 195 PSI.  Easy-pull safety pin prevents accidental discharges.

Wardrobe Racks:  "Honey-Can-Do" collapsable garment racks are a durable stainless steel construction.  Adjust in both height (56-66 inches) and length (50-74 inches).  4 Castor wheels for easy movement.

Tables & Chairs:  6ft durable white plastic tables are light weight and kept clean.  The chairs are stackable durable plastic.  We send a cleaning supplies kit out with all or our jobs just in case.